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1/10th Scale Pan Car 

  • 1/10 Scale Pan Car


1/10 scale pan cars are experiencing a resurgence across the nation.


You must be qualified to race in this class, if you enter this class and don't have the ability to stay on pace with the other racers, you might be asked to not race this class until you can prove to the race director that you are ready to race in this class. This is up to the race director's discretion to move you to a slower class or refund our entry for that class you are ask to not run. We want to have safe racing, this will make you a better racer in the long run.


Chassis: Any 1/10 scale pan car.


Motor: 10.5T brushless. Must be on the ROAR approved list.


ESC: Any ESC with or without boost. most run boosted.


Battery: 1-cell Lipo - hard case only.


Body: Any 1/10 scale pan car body, including open-wheel.

Tires: Foam

Minimum Weight: 42.3 oz. or 1199.185 grams



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