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2wd Short Course Truck - 13.5

Chassis: Any 1/10 scale 2WD Short Course Truck.


Motor: Any 13.5T brushless - ROAR approved motors only.

ESC: Must have no timing or non-timing profile. "Blinky" mode - ROAR Stock approved ESC's only.

Battery: 2S 7.6V Lipo - hard case only.

Body: Any SCT production body. Full fender truck body. Body must completely cover tires when viewed from above. No add on or integrated spoilers/wings allowed.

Tires: Any SCT-specific 2.2/3.0 wheels and tires (NO 1/8th scale or other dish wheels) Ribbed front tires and "dashed" ribs will not be permitted. The rules will favor scale tread patterns, but the front tires must at least feature a tread pattern that's consistent with those used on the rear of the truck. No homemade tires, or cut tires allowed!



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