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  • F1 - Rubber


This class features realistic open-wheel F1-style racing. Most cars are Tamiya F103 & F104, with a few others sprinkled in from time to time.


Chassis: Purpose-built F1: Tamiya F102/F103 (or clones), F104, etc.


Motor (F102/F103): 540J silver can or 21.5 Brushless. ROAR approved motors only.

ESC: Must have no timing or non-timing profile. "Blinky" mode - ROAR Stock approved ESC's only.

Battery: 6-cell or 7.4V lipo - hard case only.

Body: Any open-wheel formula-style body.

Tires: Rubber F1-specific (no foam tires).

Minimum Weight: 1050g

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