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  • Novice – Run What You Brung


If you're new, and you just want to come try out racing, just bring whatever you have. We'll help you sort it out and get some track time to get your feet wet! By the end of the day you'll know what it's all about and what regular classes interest you.

Pretty much anything within reason can run in this class, provided it's safe and is controllable speed-wise. You might be asked to turn your ESC down to make the car controllable.

Lately this class has consisted mainly of 2WD and 4WD electric Short Course Trucks. There are also 1/10 buggies and stadium trucks as well as the occasional monster truck.

Whatever you have, bring it out and we'll get you on the track one way or another!

You will run in this class along with a few other drivers with similar abilities and experience. You can get the feel of racing and have some fun.

It is at the Race Director's discretion to move a driver up or down within a class based on their driving ability. This will make a better class of racers and equal racing.


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